Dental assistant essay

July 8, 2019
dental assistant essay

A dental assistant must be able to work well with others because they are the second pair of hands for the dentist. A dental assistant must be able to understand the dentist and communicate with the dentist to provide proper tools and assistance.

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  dental assistant work a dental assistant is the person the patient sees when they come and out. They answer patients question and concerns, they make sure everything is ready for the dentist, set up the room for the next patient, take and develop x-rays, and laboratory work.

Dental assistants can choose to work in private practices, insurance companies, federal and state funded health programs, public health departments as well as teaching community colleges or universities. It is possible to become a dental assistant with no formal training.

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Being a dental assistant would be a great job because it has a variety of interesting duties. Jobs will be available because the dental assistant is needed to help the dentist.

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A guide to the pcc dental assisting application requirements. Thank you for your interest in the portland community college (pcc) dental assisting program.

Some dental assistants entered the field while they were preparing to attend college or another healthcare program like nursing or dental hygiene school. They worked as on-the-job-trained dental assistants to pay for their education. Once they started, they realized they enjoyed dental assisting.