Tsunami research paper

July 8, 2019
tsunami research paper

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The tsunami in japan was a wake-up call for the world to look at research that warns and predicts against the disaster that a tsunamis causes. Research papers from paper masters explore the tsunami in japan and look at the statistics regarding the disaster and the factors that lead to such wide-spread devastation.

Earthquake and tsunami in japan this paper focuses on the water uses especially after a natural disaster like earthquakes and tsunamis have occurred, as in the case of japan which happened on the eleventh of march this year. Apart from personal hygiene, drinking, cooking, irrigating crops and landscapes, water is used for cooling, recreation and dust control.

This paper provides an overall review of tsunami research, mainly in the detection and measurement of tsunami waves in the deep ocean. New tsunami magnitude scales will be discussed it will be shown that the travel-time charts presently in use operationally by tsunami warning centers in honolulu and palmer contain substantial errors.

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