Why i want to be president essay

July 8, 2019
why i want to be president essay

Andrew jackson, seventh president of the united states of america, can be debated as either a good president or bad president. But if one were to weigh out the positives and negatives of andrew jacksons presidency, one would realize that his positives outweigh his negatives for a variety of historic facts.

  i want to be president so i can help our country and keep it out of wars. I would suggest a long term plan that would cut defence sic spending by 40.

The second part explains why you think you stand to be the best candidate for the position of class vice president, and the final focus is on what you plan to do once you achieve that goal. The last part should reiterate these points in a brief summary in the last part of your essay, as you thank the listeners for their time and attention.

I show respect for everybody and believe that is one of the most important qualities for a president.

  i want to be a leader who leads by example, who is a good role model, who does the right thing, no matter the circumstance.

Each of us has our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the country which we ought to remember and abide by. But privileges and power to bring amendments to the policies and laws in the country are held with the higher authorities like the president.

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Why do they do this? Because they believe in a good education for all learners. Our country prides itself on the quality of education a person can receive here, yet teachers are one of the countries lowest paid professionals.

  as president, i would tell them that life is too short to be wasting it defending a color that doesnt care whether you live or not.

If you want to be president of your class or high school some day, you need to start working towards that goal early. Plan to join student council your freshman year, but dont expect to be elected president.